691701_defaultI used to call you my friend and we used to have so much in common.  I remember how we’d enjoyed gardening and planting those spider plants from cuttings.  You weren’t the avid reader like I was but I had turned you on to some books that you just couldn’t put down.  Sometimes, actually a lot of times, we would do nothing but just hang out. Have you ever had that kind of friendship? A friendship where you could totally be yourself?

I recall that we had come across an unusual looking box at, yet another, yard sale after sharing a yummy breakfast. We had decided that I would purchase the box. Something else had caught your eye. It was long ago.  Long before we had started drifting apart.

As I sit here in my cozy bedroom thinking of you, with a wicked storm approaching, I decide to  start searching every nook and cranny in my house for the box. The crashing sound of thunder and rattling windows startles me.  With my heart racing, it’s back under the covers for me. I stay there for a time but once again return to my mission of searching for that box. My curiosity just won’t let up! I feel a strong pull as if the box holds a message for me…for us….a message with guidance on how to rekindle our friendship.

Then I see it…staring me in the face. The big red chest….the place I used to stash little treasures. I haven’t seen or thought about it in such a long time. I open the lid, reaching inside quickly moving objects aside until I uncover its hiding place.  I carefully lift the box from the chest and slowly open the lid to find inside a …. button? It’s a large black button.  I flip it over to see a word written in white … FORGIVENESS! A tear slowly escapes my eye as I absorb the message it offers me and I smile.  I can honestly say “I forgive you”!


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