An End To Many Things That I Love

As summer is coming to a close I’m suspecting it is the reason I am feeling kind of low.  Both kids have started back at school and we are all forced into a structured and scheduled life.  No more late dinners and casual days and evenings.  Before long I will be back to nagging about studying and homework.images (5)

There is something that I love from each of the four seasons but it is “summer things” that I adore the most. Even when it may feel over 100 degrees at times or enduring summer showers, I can always look outside at the green plants and trees and the countless colors of blooming flowers. I will miss my nightly fruit salad of berries, peaches and melon, so juicy and sweet.untitled (2)

It’s back to trying to get to sleep early and setting the alarm for 5:30 am and an end to many things that I love!



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