Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal? … Part IX

“I thought we cleared this up months ago but images-19obviously you don’t understand English”!!! I was so pissed off! She replied with “Hey bitch, don’t talk to me like that. Talk to your husband!”

So I tried a different, less offensive approach. I approached her from one woman to another and she began to open up to me. The first time they had met,  he was traveling on business in Mexico.  I never found out exactly the circumstances under which they had met but they had coffee together.  They, supposedly, shared a kiss and nothing more. Did I totally believe this? Hell no!!  Thinking back, though, why wouldn’t she just tell me everything at that point?  Still, I would never be able to totally trust again….EVER!

It was probably 12 years aimages-5go that they had met.  She had told me that he had said that we really weren’t ‘together’ and only lived together for the sake of our children.  He had told her that I had cheated on him with his best friend!!!!

SAY W-H-A-T???!!!

We went back and forth some more and she was also disgusted with his lies. I was beginning to realize just how much of a skillfull liar he was!….


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