Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal?….Part VIII

Once again, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!  WTF??!!! Really?  I experienced the same sinking feeling.  I replied to her email, telling her to quit having contact with my husband.  It’s such a blur, that I can’t recall what was said between him and I.  I remember she 10330325_662838267130234_6175314746471244599_nwas a dancer, lived in Mexico, was a single mother and she’d sent him pictures or links of herself.  It was flirtatious…but there was no smoking gun.

Somehow, and it makes me shake my head in disbelief and anger, he managed to talk his way around it. He,  once again, made sure I had his passwords and many months later……you guessed it……there were MORE emails from her!

This is what I don’t understand. Why would he leave behind evidence knowing if I checked I would see it? He was either stupid…or wanted to get caught. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it’s ME that was the dumb-ass!!!  I’m a very forgiving type of person and always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt and I think he took full advantage of that!  Maybe I just couldn’t really face it and take the solid and tough stance I needed to take….maybe I just couldn’t let myself believe he had betrayed me yet again??

So I, again, emailed her. It started off nasty between us….


2 thoughts on “Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal?….Part VIII

  1. Generally when we as humans are doing something we know is wrong we want to get caught. Though, I don’t think we always realize this. Certainly most of us aren’t thinking “how can I get caught?” It is in our subconscious without even realizing. Hiding and pretending gets old and if we just get caught we dont have to keep the sherade up any longer. That is just my two sense. And I assure you, you are not a dumb ass. Love does crazy things to us, often we find ourselves in positions we swore we’d never be in. Chin up darling.

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