Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal? part VI

He denied….until he couldn’t!  He said that he knew he didn’t love her.  He never stopped loving me. To be perfectly honest a lot of it is a blur, especially since this happened over 10 years ago.  There was a lot of yelling and crying. In the following weeks he did everything to try to make up for it and made me feel vital and loved.10153722_707100022646033_374382513_n

I had told him that there were 3 things he would have to do. One was for him to call her right then and there in front of me and tell her that they were done and that he was still in love with me!  Next he would have to stop traveling for business and third, he’d have to be tested! He did all three of my requests. He, of course, slept on the couch but only for a few nights.  Within a couple of weeks we were sleeping together again. I KNOW!!!!  When I think about that now, I don’t know how I was able to be with him again so quickly!!  Somehow I had made my mind up to make things work.1965065_709793825709986_1872934188_n

He had to travel to Mexico so as to not leave the company he worked for in a bind.  It would only be for a week and he’d then be retiring from the road.  I, of course, went with him. In some of ‘their’ emails she was asking him about the Mexico dates.  She had wanted to book a flight and meet him there and he never did answer her about it but  I had made sure she knew that I would be the one going with him.

So we enjoyed ourselves in Mexico.  We went sightseeing and I lounged by the pool during the days while he worked.  However, needless to say, it was still difficult dealing with his betrayal.

The week flew by and before long we were flying home.  When we got off the plane and turned our cell phones on they were both blowing up wIth voicemails……


4 thoughts on “Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal? part VI

  1. This post helped me deal with how quickly I was “with” my husband after I found out what he did. Though mine was much sooner, and I still cannot believe it, I feel better know I am not alone. I am glad I found your blog!

    • It makes me feel good that my experience has helped you in any way! Thanks for the interest. I’m still finding my way. It’s still a work in progress and still not sure what will happen in the end! I wish you well! 🙂

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