Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal? Part V

I circled the airport several times before I spotted him waiting with his luggage.  My heart was racing and my head was spinning with countless thoughts. I forced myself to calm down.  He entered the car and was very happy to see me, giving me a kiss and exclaiming how great it was to be home. I told him I was glad he was finally home also. I mean, what could I say?  I had to appear as if all was well.

What was only a 30 minute drive home seemed to take forever.  I tolerated  his hand on my thigh as I was consumed with thoughts of what would shortly be taking place. He was talking but I could hardly hear anything he was saying.  I could barely keep it together. Upon arriving home, I informed him that I had arranged for the kids to spend the night out. I’m sure he was contemplating the same scenario my friend had been thinking. Little did he know that shortly…..HE was to be blindsided!

We entered the house and he proceeded toPinQuotes_Android_App_1076955 hug me. Again, my heart was racing and I felt a bit light headed.  As I pulled away I told him, “We need to talk”. He asked me, “What’s wrong”?  It’s a bit of a blur thinking back to exactly what was said after that.  However, I do remember certain reactions and some things that were said.

I had told him I knew what he had been doing when out of town on business!!  And, of course, he denied it. I didn’t really have any expectations of what he would say but remember thinking “Don’t insult my intelligence!” So he denied, denied, denied…..until he could no longer deny….until the printed emails were thrown in his face!  NO DENYING THAT!!!  At first, and for a while, he couldn’t bring himself to even look at me…..




4 thoughts on “Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal? Part V

  1. So so sorry. Relationships, rather romantic or platonic, have the capacity to wound deeply. It is only within the context of relationship that healing can occur. Try to be strong and surround yourself with friends and family who love you.

  2. zebrawoman says:

    In my situation, it was text message exchanges (I never saw the texts), but my husband also denied texting and calling this other woman. It was on our phone bill… and he still denied. it.

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