Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal…part IV

images-2So… he did not find out that I had gone all FBI on him and had busted his double crossing life!!

It was the day before he was to arrive home and I had made arrangements with a good friend for both of the kids to spend the night the following evening. She probably thought I wanted a romantic, kid-free evening. She didn’t know just how far from the truth  she was with THAT thought! My adrenaline is pumping right now remembering all of this. It puts me right back to how I felt at that time.

The next day arrived and my nerves were most definitely frazzled to say the least. I have tears in my eyes writing this because, even though there were other problems within our marriage, I feel that by his actions….of doing what he did….and for so long….he forever ruined US!images-4

I took special care in getting ready….I wanted to look as perfect as possible. I even went out and bought a new top. In part I,  I had stated that his love for me was never in question, but I have to admit that until I confronted him, I really couldn’t be sure. The thought crossed my mind that he might possibly be in love with her. I was a hot mess!

It was time for me to leave for the airport to pick him up. On the one hand I was dreading the confrontation that would occur but on the other hand I couldn’t wait to finally be able to look him in the eye and reveal what I had found out.

One more thing……I would, once again, have to summon up the strength to somehow act normal on the ride home!! I would have to put my acting abilities to the test one last time!


8 thoughts on “Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal…part IV

  1. Time & time again I am truly amazed by the ability of a scorned woman to pretend that nothing is wrong on the outside, while inside her world is in turmoil. I’ve seen my sister do it over & over, and though it breaks my heart to see her have to play a part that is not her, I know there’s a method to her madness!!

    Can’t wait to read more of your journey…

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