Can You Ever Get Past The Betrayal…Part III

skypegroupchatSo I pretended I was him, continuing to instant message with her and pulled it off, for a short time….until she must have realized that something I had said didn’t quite sound like him.

I can’t remember everything that was said word for word,  but she was found out about and was very nasty towards me. One part of our conversation I distinctly DO remember is  when I had asked if they had, at least, used a condom every time. Her reply was “Fuck off”!!  Really?  REALLY???  

She was about to find out that she was messing with the wrong person! I had the perfect comeback to everything she said.  If there was a one-upmanship…I came out on top every time.  Inside, though, I was trembling and my adrenalin was pumping full force! My hands were shaky and I could barely type.

In the middle of all of this conversation with her, he called me from Japan.  Once again, I had to somehow act normal!!  I just know that if I wouldn’t have won an Oscar for my impeccable performance, I would have most definitely received a People’s Choice award! During all of this, I was hoping…no actually willing them….to not have contact.  It was only a couple of more days until he would be back home. I didn’t want her to spill the beans that they had been busted.images-14


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