Full Circle and Beyond…my journey of weight-loss and quitting smoking

9359193-woman-on-weight-scale-on-isolated-background Enough was enough!  I was tired of the yo-yo I had been on for so many years.  Up a few pounds, down a few pounds…only to return.  I’m sure there are many who can relate to this circle of accomplishment and failure…achievement and defeat!  I was finally done with it!

It was 2 1/2 years ago, a year before my 54th birthday. I had finally gotten my head around it and had given myself a goal, a realistic goal, of one year.  I said to myself,  “By my 55th birthday I will be in the best shape I have ever been in”.   And so my health, fitness and weight-loss journey began.

I had cut my calorie intake by about 2/3 and started going to the gym.  I recalled how I had been eating whatever my heart desired, in recent years, now aware that most of it was eating out of boredom and emotional ups and downs.   At first I started out slowly… 3 days a week and before too long was going 4-5 days a week. Upon trying out the elliptical machine for the first time, which I’ve nicknamed the Monster, I could barely continue for one minute.  Eventually I progressed to 40 minutes!  It was slow going but every week that I got on the scale I was down by a pound. There is so much that happens in our lives  that we have no control of.  This is something that we have the ability to control. Seeing the results only motivated me to continue…and I did.  

I had told myself that when I reached my weightloss goal at the end of the year,  I would  quit smoking cigarettes. A year had flown by and I had reached my weightloss goal.  What a sense of empowerment and accomplishment!  I was amazed at just how quickly a year had rolled by.  I had to face it.  There could be no more excuses and procrastinating. It was D-day. The time had come to, once and for all,  give up cigarettes!

The first several days, and even the first week, were the hardest.  I quit cold turkey! Thinking back, it really wasn’t quite as hard as I had imagined it would be.  I continued eating healthy and going to the gym.  If I snacked a bit more I tried to choose healthy foods.  I can now say that I’ve been cigarette-free for 1-year and 9-months, just shy of two years!!  I’m proud of that huge accomplishment and can’t help but think how quickly the time has passed.

However … I have put back on almost all of those pounds I had lost.  My metabolism seems to still be at a standstill as a result of quitting cigarettes. I realize there are probably other factors contributing to this such as my age and going through the changes but,  as I think back,  I still come to the conclusion that lack of cigarettes is the main culprit.  After all, two weeks after quitting is when the weight began to return.  In doing some research about it,  I found that you burn an extra 200-250 calories a day through smoking. Still, I plan on never picking up that nasty habit again although frustration, anger and even feelings of depression  settled  in.   I’ll admit that after continuing on the healthy path and seeing the scale continually go up, I did give up on healthy eating for a month or two around the holidays.

As of January I’ve been back on the right path, returning to healthy eating habits and going back to the gym.  I think back to the feeling of empowerment I had felt during my healthy course in life and know I must draw from and remember that I CAN DO THIS!!  Although very frustrated and disappointed at the lack of any results,  I continue to trudge along on my health and weight loss journey.  Maybe a new goal of mine should be to build my stamina to the point of being able to endure  ‘the Monster’ for 40 minutes once again!

Upon leaving the gym the other day, while approaching my car, there was a car next to mine.  A gentleman who I’d seen working out beside me was standing outside of his car….smoking a cigarette.  I thought to myself, “That was me 2 years ago, voiding out the good I had done in the gym.”.  I thought back and remembered the feelings of guilt I had when doing that. As I drove home, I smiled and realized that maybe I was being too hard on myself. I had really come a long way!  I need to more fully embrace my accomplishment and its benefit to my health.

Now…..back to the treadmill for me!  Wish me luck! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Full Circle and Beyond…my journey of weight-loss and quitting smoking

  1. I lost a ton of weight when I found out my hubby was cheating one me.. I called it the LCA diet– Lying Cheating Asshole diet.. hehe..

    Im short.. 5’3″ and I was 155lbs when I found out.. within 3 months of finding out I was down to 132lbs..
    I dont recommend it the diet tho.. Okay so my weightloss was the only thing good out of his affair.. I learned to like me again..

    Good luck on this journey. Its a tough one. Food is a habit too thats hard to break. I go thru withdrAwals when I quit soda, headaches galore and my hubby is like drink a soda please!!!! Not many people understand how difficult it is, especially when you’re trying and see no results. Give your body time. Also, I realized when Now I just tell myself to try and be healthier theres less pressure. So instead of saying Im on a diet, I look at a menu and say yummm i want the enchiladas, but the chicken soft tacos are healthier and I go that route. Then no guilt and shame If I eat enchiladas.

    Good luck!!!!! I’ll read more of your blog later. I need to get the family up and to the movies for Capt America!!

  2. 29, 54…I guess more than age is will power that can help us achieve our goals. I have never been addicted to cigarettes but I still struggle to achieve my fitness goals. I am 29 years old, not in bad shape but definitely not maximizing the opportunities my health grant me each day. I don’t like running and almost always give up too soon to enjoy the benefits of a good work out. I have found something that I enjoy and am trying to stay committed to see results: hot yoga and walking 🙂

    by the way…I am 60 days away from my wedding which should be motivator enough to push as hard as I can. We’ll see.

    Congratulations on giving up smoking…I bet it must be really hard but you did it anyway!

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